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Blending After Roasting

The Namyang BAR (Blending After Roasting) technology is another innovation for quality improvement. BAR technology roasts coffee beans by kinds in accordance with roasting temperature and requirements for each coffee bean and accurately blends them. With the current roasting and blending technology, it’s difficult to maintain the characteristics of each kind of coffee bean because all kinds of coffee beans are roasted. Namyang realizes the best taste with state-of-art facilities and technology that can create consistent taste even by separate roasting.

Unique Arima Recovery

From the moment when the water is poured on the coffee, the coffee aroma diffuses and dissipates into the air. Within a few minutes, the coffee loses its aroma. Namyang has developed SARP (Selected Aroma Recovery Process) technology based on the special knowhow of Namyang to maintain that aroma, which keeps the aroma from the brewed coffee even while drinking the coffee. The facility for ‘Aroma Recovery’ is drawing substantial attraction in the European market, which is very sensitive to the aroma of coffee, by upgrading the taste and scent of coffee.

Espresso Extration

As with all foods, taste varies depending on formation process even with the best materials. In particular, coffee reacts very sensitively to conditions including temperature or brewing time as well as ratio of blending or mixing. So special technology is required. Namyang eliminates the bitter taste and retains the intrinsic sweet, mild features of coffee by separating the taste and aroma of the coffee beans right after roasting using LTE (Low Temperature Extraction) technology at the time of extraction.